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Ready to Work From Home?

The new trend with major consulting firms is the ability to work from home. Working from home has it's benefits such as reduced cost of expenses from real estate and infrastructures. Working from home also results in added benefits of telecommuting convenience for consultancy workers. Most consulting firms such as law and IT firms desire the need to have diverse workforce all around the globe, thus enabling the ability to work from home for such firms. However, infrastructure requirements makes it quite difficult for such workers to work from home. Firms with physical access to their servers and workstations often find it difficult to work from home due to the existense of a physical server within their office space. With cloud-based infrastructures, the physical servers and underlying IT infrastructure can be eliminated to provide a completely cloud-based infrastructures that can be accessed anywhere at anytime. Ready to ditch out your physical servers and convert them to a completely cloud based infrastructure? Contact us to schedule your one on one consultation with us to determine how we can take your firm to the cloud.

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